Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Seems like the democrats approach to the Lieberman issue is only going to hurt them.

"Quinnipiac's latest poll suggests that the anti-war sentiment in CT isn't as fervent as anticipated, which would be comforting news for the state's GOP incumbents.

-- The poll finds that 41% of likely voters agreed with Joe Lieberman on the Iraq war, and 21% more said it wouldn't be a decisive factor. (We'd still like to see more questions like this with different wordings.) In CT 04, 58% wouldn't boot Joe because of the war; in CT 02, 66% said they wouldn't. That gives Reps. Simmons, Shays and Johnson a decent-sized base to win over voters on their domestic record." from The Hotline : Hotline On Call: House Race Hotline Update: On Second Thought...

Also Declare Victory, Get Out

Spending too much time worrying about Joe is hurting the democrats across the country. Something about how they should go after easier Republican targets (because they will lose against Joe) - WSJ's Taranto

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