Friday, June 30, 2006 / Home UK / UK - Indonesian bird flu response criticised

Oh deary me. Here we have a reporter speaking about the problems with threat of Bird Flu and the problems in an emerging nation like Indonesia.

Risky scenarios that failed the test, completely. What the critics say is that the situation should have been contained (reminds me of the end of ET when all the guys come in wearing bubble suits and they wrap the place up, but good!). Ain't gonna happen in Indonesia, believe you me. / Home UK / UK - Indonesian bird flu response criticised

I like the way the reporter is on the verge of insulting the Indonesians for being such a backward place. They even asked for money so they could build the institutions for health, which they should have had anyway. The reporter seems to be saying, "oh, so you want us to line your pockets with donated cash, because we all know the money will disappear, rather than stopping the spread of bird flu!"


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