Sunday, April 02, 2006

Those Are Some Grandads!

Last night I was in a pub with a group celebrating a birhday. At one point i am at the bar with a few Czech guys and somehow we got on the topic of grandfathers after I mentioned that my father's father flew a plane in WWII and the other was a German that came from Silesia in 1913 to live in Brooklyn.

But then these guys started speaking of their grandads.

One guy, Miky, told us (in broken English) about his grandfather being a White Russian and how he escaped south through Turkey and ended up in Prague. "He hate Lenin!".

Nikos, (Greek and Czech) had a grandfather that was a communist in the Greek civil war and was given sanctuary by the Russians in Kazakhistan. He made his way to Czech Republic also.

Pepa (in better English) spoke of his grandfather who was a doctor in the Korean war. .. for the Chinese and North Koreans. "Lke MASH, but on the other side!!"


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