Monday, April 03, 2006

A Different Type of Flood Measurement

The Czech Republic is experiencing a sudden thaw the last two weeks and that has caused a lot of flooding since we had a quite a bit of snow in this last, very long, winter. In Moravia, around Olomouc especially but also on the Vltava River, from South to North.

My wife told me of this impending flooding last week by saying "Did you hear that we will have a one in ten years flood?".

I replied by saying "Didn't we have that flood in 2002?" In 2002 there was a really bad flooding of the Vltava that affected Czech Republic and also Germany (Remember Gerhard Schroder visiting the site of the floods which some say won him the elections in 2002?).

She said, "No, that was the one in 100 years flood!"

I never realized that type of measurement could be used. "One in X years". But it makes some sense.

Bad news, yesterday the flooding was upgraded to a "one in 30 years flood".


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