Thursday, March 23, 2006

What Planet?

What the heck?

This is a photo from the FT website about the latest Basque overture for a ceasefire.

But let me ask ... who designed their outfit? Looks like the same guys from the Scary Movie series (I couldnt find a photo of the white mask and black hooded robe, villan).

I will say they look much cooler than your average muslim thug (PLO, Al Quaeda, etc).

(Note: I don't agree with the Basque terrorist acts of blowing up things. At least they aim not to hurt people these days. )

But still, they look almost as if they are Aliens.

ps. I went back to find the link to the photo and it mysteriously disappeared. The article is linked above, however.


1 comment:

javaricho said...


I cannot say that I find anything cool about them at all. Look like abunch of ex klu klux klan members with cross dressing fantasies!