Monday, March 13, 2006

Milosevic's Body: I Know What To Do With It.

There are a few stories about how Milo's family are 'divided' or 'split' over where to bury his body. I am thinking that these words were intended to give us ideas.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Milosevic family split over funeral

Sure, lets cut him in pieces! Divide him into 5 to 10 parts, and spread him across the countryside to the West and to the South (Bosnia and Herzegovina and also Kosovo) so that the burial places can be marked with the same red flags used to mark bodies found in mass graves. But with one difference, a sign that says "SPIT HERE".

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javaricho said...


You are chock full of angry pills when you wrote this one. Mind you not that I have any sympathy with old Milo. You are really suggesting a return to the old medievil treatment of dividing the corpse of a traitor and having it hung in distant parts of the realm as a sign to those tempted to follow his unwise example.