Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hey Ho, Another Bastard Goes!

I once bought a tee shirt with Milosevic on it with the title Narodni Heroja on it. It was in Cyrillic and it meant National Hero. I also got one with Mladic, the general.

They were being sold right at the border between Serbia and Hungary by guys walking through the lines of cars. I never saw them on the border going west to Croatia.

Just now on CNN the dipsy anchor lady says, "it is probably surprising to many of our CNN listeners but there is still quite strong grass roots support for Milosevic". I wanted to say Duh! but then I lived there. And on BBC radio I heard that Kustonica, the president who took over when Milo was deposed, still depends on Milosevic's supporters as part of his power base. Duh again! Kustonica is a nationalist as well and not a guy on the opposite end of the political spectrum, as he was portrayed by the international press. Sure there is a more western oriented, a bit more educated group, but they seem to lose in most elections. This other group.. name escapes me.. gave the prime minister for a time, Djinjic, but then,.. he was SHOT! a few years ago.

Too many bastards. But its been a good year. First Arafat, and now Milo. Gosh, I am cruel.

One more quote from another talking head being interviewed just now (and there seems to be a long list of these experts): "Milosevic had the capacity to lie right to your face".

Oh, and his wife? She is in hiding somewhere in Russia, because she, too, should be in jail. Sure Putin knows where she is.


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We just need to put a list on those who are still out there somewhere.

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