Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bloody Silly

After all the time I lived in Australia, and the interest I had in all the slang, sayings, vocabulary malfunctions for the pure and enjoyable amusement, I never, ever understood the problem with the word "bloody".

For example, if a news report said, for example, "a bloody handkerchief was found at the scene of the murder" it would be okay. But they probably change the wording to say "blood soaked handkerchief". But if a tv show said the word in a different connotation, for example if a sports commentator said "that bloody fool" it is recieved almost with the strenght of the the word "fu*k". (that asterisk is used to shield the more sensitive readers to the word "fuck").

However, here is a very, very silly problem. In England the Australian Tourist
Minister is there to 'rescue' the latest advertising embarrassment. It seems it was too rough for the Brits.

Go figure.


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