Thursday, February 16, 2006

Microsoft, the Country

I am following the disputes between Microsoft and the EU and today see the article on the cover of the Financial Times, "Microsoft steps up its dispute with EU", and today glanced at another series of recent articles, "Microsoft steps up battle with Brussels over antitrust charges", "Microsoft counters latest antitrust charges", "Gates suggests US law to guide on internet censorship abroad", "Bill Gates suggested yesterday that a US law governing how US internet companies deal with censorship overseas could help...", "Internet giants grilled on China policies"...

You would have to admit that today Microsoft acts, for all intents and purposes – and has as much power as - a medium sized country.

I thought, then :Why doesn't Microsoft consider becoming a country?

Think about it. Microsoft could be a country without land. A 'cyber-country' like out of a William Gibson novel. But it could have a tax-haven, registered office in Luxembourg or the Bahamas. It would exist like the wealthy Duchy of Lichtenstein or Brunei.

Microsoft could have its own national dress: Lower classes would wear white shirts with clip on ties, the upper classes would wear "Seattle Casual" style, based on Eddie Bauer and REI.

The national food would be Caffee Latte

The national hero would be Bill Gates (like Dear Leader, Kim Il Jong?). National Enemies would include Stephen Jobs and Apple.

All citizens of Microsoft would be the employees. Any employee that does not want to be a citizen will be considered 'outsourced'. In fact, Microsoft will be the epitamy of outsourcing.

Microsoft would have their own passports but live in other countries (like me).

Microsoft could be a member of the UN (but on the Security Council? hmm).

Microsoft would be a dictatorship.

But at some time in the not-too-distant future, Microsoft would feel compelled to build a military force to protect its interests around the world. Their spy network would have a huge advantage due to the existence of Windows in many countries.

And then they would acquire Nukes?


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javaricho said...

They have already left enough unexploded bombs in my pc that they don't need nukes. Besides all of there staff are so boring they would bore everybody to death.