Friday, February 03, 2006

I Don't Say "Unfair"

I recall being in a Poli-Sci class and a classmate was asked about one or another political debacle, and she said it was kind of unfair.

The teacher has some fun with that saying "unfair" was the wrong word, or unfair has no place in politics. I remember that and it fits in with my beliefs of politics and the world: Who has the power is the winner. What is it, something like only the victorius can write history? Sorry if I screwed that up, but you know what I mean.

Well what about this take on it? This post points out that most (I would say 98%) tv shows and movies will depict Republicans as the bad guys. OK, very simple. I won't go into detail but I think you get the meaning.

Now I would like to say, why don't they make some of the bad guys Democrats, like the hippie was the murderer, or the Greenpeace activist was was the wife-beater (That would be my personal favorite).

And paradoxically, the movies with all the gun play is was created by liberal Hollywood. My perfect and perplexing paradox is the movie "Colors" with Robert Duvall and Sean Penn. Didn't anyone realize that the rise in popularization of drive-by shootings after that movie created more murders with the same modus operandi? (sp?). Think about it.

Of course, someone would say that most of America wants to watch this depiction of anyone not liberal as the villain. But then why - if we are to believe this 99 to 1 disparity (one being perhaps Walker, Texas Ranger, ugh) - didn't the last two Presidential elections display a similar disparity?

The obvious reason is that the power of tv and movies is in the hands of the left. They got it, and the right doesn't. Of course, much of the right watches it and enjoys what is doled out. And if there is a chance to see the other side depicted kindly, it hardly comes to the mainstream. Well do recall Family Ties where Michael J. Fox was a conservative young republican type.

So we go to live with it. But I wonder if it they realize that it somehow reinforces the right's dislike for the ideals of the producers. Sure its fun to watch, but I would say it makes the reaction of the reactionary all that much stronger.


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