Monday, February 06, 2006

Claire Berlinski

Just ran across this post by Instapundit on the cartoon protests, and noticed Claire Berlinski's name.

"Could it be the same girl?" I thought to myself? When I was suffering through my 6th year as an undergrad at the University of Washington in Seattle, there was a group of early entrants, you know, 15 and 16 year olds that were too bright for normal schools and were thrown into college (methinks it was called the EEP, "Early Entrant Program".)

Miss Berlinski was there.

We used to hang out in the "Hub" dining area and, I must confess, I was smitten with one of the youngsters. Ok, more than one.

(Coincidentally, when I was in Kiev, in 1998, another one of the girls from the group came up to me on a boat ride in the Dneper river. "Are you Dan Butler, from Seattle?" That one blew me away. Small world, and all that.)

So now I read that Claire Berlinski is an accomplished author and perhaps Instapundit's 'most devoted reader in Istanbul today '. Seems she has authored a few novels and a bit of serious political analysis.

Off to the bookstore after work, I guess.

Oh, a year or two after leaving the UW, I bumped into Claire on the street. Suddenly, without warning, I blurted out the most arresting change in her appearance. "Oh, you had a nose job!" I said. Big oops. Class act, Dan. Totally class act.


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PetiteDov said...

At least you recognized her.