Monday, January 23, 2006

Static Cling, Dogs, and Jet-lag

Is it a compulsive trait to worry to much about lint and dog hairs on your coat? I felt that way a bit today.

It is bitterly cold outside and a little too bright for my slightly jet-lagged eyes (back from oz last few days). I keep looking down at my dark black "Monty" coat that I am wearing over my black business suit. So much little specks of cotton, dog hairs and dust. On the suit as well as the coat.

Driving me crazy!

The Monty coat was a great buy, though. So warm, and with the hood over my scottish cap, I feel warmer than most others seem to be.


1 comment:

javaricho said...

The next thing you will be doing is avoiding cracks in the footpath and having someone cut your nostril hairs each day. Go nude and you will not have to worry about lint - except in your navel!