Saturday, January 28, 2006


I just watched Primer. Its one of those movies that makes you think, and think and think. Like 12 Monkeys, or better, Memento, you keep trying to figure out what happened. Sure you can say that Primer was a movie of a certain genre (which I won't mention because it might immediately bore some people).

I would say that the most interesting things about the movie were:
  • the 7,000 USD budget (yes!! )
  • the showing at Sundance Film Festival (and now they are all on the road to riches)
  • the good acting (it was very, very believable acting; they were normal, Dilbertish workers always wearing white shirts and almost always, ties).
  • the long list of intelligent dialogues about the genre on the discussion boards at (usually they get fairly inane)
Yes, I liked it. I was actually a bit frightened at one point. And that, I have to say, has no logical reason.

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