Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Decent Stew

I made a beef stew today. I don't know why, but now I want to tell someone how I made it; because it came out fabulous. (Its not a beginner cooking story; I cook quite a bit).

Took out frozen beef chunks from freezer. And I had some fresh beef cut for stew. Probably a kilogram, or just under. Cut up a lot of onions (I would say that it probably is better to double the amount of onions that you read in any recipe regarding beef).

Butter, onions, beef - cook in a the iron pot. Add Podravka (kind of a season all, with chunks of small dried veggies. Has mainly salt, so i didnt add salt.), pepper, two tomatoes cut into big chunks. A bit of paprika, not too much, though. One whole galic clove. (Dunno why, just threw it in). Green bottled peppercorns, maybe a tablespoon (these have been in the fridge over a year, maybe that had something to do with it?).
Oh yeah, a big tablespoon of mustard.

Water, probably a liter of water. And then cooked for 2 hours? Maybe even another two (there is something about cooking the bejeesus out of meat in a pot. I love the idea beef just falles apart like this. Especially on a very cold day. It say on the stove for hours while my wife and I puttered around all day. )

Then a heck of alot of carrots were thrown in. And a rue (sp?). Whatever its called when you melt butter with flour and fry it a bit. I also had some corn starch to this mixture. Then into the main pot of stew. Just to thicken it a bit. Oh, and just for fun, added some beef bouillion (Cheating! you might say. It already had a serious good flavor, and I did this to beef it up a bit. Horrible pun).

So now servie it with little curvy pasta thingies or with rice, or with mashed potatoes?

Overall it probably comes out more like an Irish Stew. Whatever, its pretty good.


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