Sunday, January 29, 2006

Aussie funk

There is no way around it. I am depressed. In a real funk. Can't see the light at the end of my dark, depressing tunnel.

Coming back from the magical country of Australia, it has been tough. Not least of all because I spent way too much money, but mainly because I keep thinking, 'why didn't I move back there when I had the chance'. I keep promoting the country as a place to live, to raise kids, to die. It really is that kind of place.

I guess you could say I could still move back but it is no longer simply "I", but the unit I am in since married. And then there is the dogs.

Interestingly I am one to tell people that it is often a lot easier to move to a different country than you might think. And I am always impressed when I meet whole families (like a mum and dad with 2 or three kids) that pick up and move. And I am NOT talking about the families that are on the huge expat, corporate posting, salary.

But now my wife has the good job which is important, especially for her burgeoning career. And the ties of a Czech girl to family and homeland is not something to take lightly.

So what do to? Dunno.

(BTW I lived Oz for 7 years and have an Aussie passport. Left 10 years ago. )

Proabably shouldn't put these up for everyone to see, but hell, maybe you get the idea when you look at how clean, sunny, warm it looks. Too many photos, its true. Didn't spend enough time editing.

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