Saturday, January 28, 2006

56 Flights

So the weapons might just have been moved. I looked at the Democratic Underground's discussion board by chance to note some reactions to this guy, Sada's, coming out party. Basically everyone is falling all over themselves to call this guy a phony. Sure, I would agree that you have got to be suspicious. But on the other hand, shouldn't you allow some time to go by, wait for more proof, some interview to see if he is a nut, some reaction from other reputable sources, before calling him a phony, before you open up the festering anti Bush vehemence that you keep under your bed at night? Really, it dilutes the argument if you are prone to a kneejerk reaction like that, don't you think? Oops, I forgot, you don't think. You jerk the knee,.. jerks.

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