Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tram Riding

I love riding the tram.

Well, actually it is much better than the bus and metro (subway). Sometimes a bit crowded, but still kind of fun.

But lately I have noticed that I don't want to put my hands anywhere near my face after I grab the overhead railings. Today a guy took his hand away from the post and rubbed his nose and then put his hand back.

I mean, really, I have done the same thing many times, I am sure. Am I being anal retendant? Or what?

Things that make you go hmmm.



javaricho said...

When you find yourself wearing new surgical gloves on the tram you know you have issues......

Julia said...

That's true, but normal gloves do make the whole balancing act a bit easier! I personally cannot surf a tram hands free (metros are so much easier in that regard) so come winter, resort to grabbing the railing w gloves on. So next question, what about all the hacking and spitting that Prazaks do? Grosser than railing grubbing or no?

be said...


i lately have been thinking about how many germs one can get by touching such a railing!