Saturday, November 26, 2005

Leaving 1 degrees, for 30 ... hopefully.

Sitting at home after a walk in the park with wife and dogs. Cold out there. 1 to 4 degrees. I am looking forward to the sunny beaches of the south coast of New South Wales.

God, I miss the place. (I lived in Australia for 7 years and became an citizen; left in '96 for Europe.) Lately I am getting small episodes of melancholia, remembering the little things about oz, the smells, the sounds, the food, the sun and beach. But also friends. Trouble is there is little chance of re-living old times with frieinds as they have move on, married and had kids. But there are a few.

Odd, thinking about the age range 26 to 36. A good age range to have fun. I am 45 now, bemoaning my age of course, and missing a great place to live (Prague is cool, really. But in winter you miss Australia more). Those were the days. I left New York, a tough job there, for sunny Australia, an incredibly fun financial market in which to work, and a good girl chasing atmosphere (sorry if that was not PC).

So now I am planning to visit Australia with my Czech wife and another Czech couple, and the weather looks to be ... rainy. Australia has a had a real bad dry period for the last few years, and now the rain is welcome. But on my holiday!

And the stress that goes into this! Its all on my shoulders. All the planning, places to stay, fun to be had, kangaroos to meet, all the things you really want on on a holiday. And if it goes wrong ... Dantravels gets all the blame.

I am scared.

Oh, yeah. If anyone knows a party on the south coast for new years, please let me know. Somewhere near Jervis Bay or further south... Please!

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