Sunday, November 27, 2005

I love this quote.

"Dr. Bose would have been fired many times over it if were a publicly held company,"

I heard about the owner of the Bose speaker maker a feww months ago, trying to make a better shock absorber function for cars. Amazing what you can throw the company money into when you have a private company.

Coincidentally I am reading Tuxedo Park just now. The true story of Alfred Loomis, a Wall Street banker that really wanted to be a scientist. Made a lot of money right before the 1929 crash leading to the depression. And, he sold everthing right before the crash and still made MORE money as the market crapped out on everyone else.

The private laboratory he created hosted quite a few famous scientific minds from around the world. He helped to privately sponsor work that helped in WWII along side of and complimenting the Manhattan project.

And... get this... the use of the word 'Tuxedo' (for a formal black tie type outfit: the difference being the innovative absence of the tails that were normal up to this time) apparently came from this area around Tuxedo Park in New York because some one wore it there (copied from someone in England).

Useless trivia. My mind is like a garage that never gets cleaned out so that something more useful can be stored inside.


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