Monday, October 24, 2005

Invisible Dog Competition

Saturday morning I went to something like a country fair. Wife's father is involved with animal breeding so he is one of the important persons of the big event.

Anyway, one of the visuals (aside from big f__king black bulls and smelly white piggies with testicals the size of soccer balls) was the dog competition. This is where the dogs are led by their owner up ramps, over hurdles and through tunnels, etc. Very fun to watch.

But an hour later I came back to a most disturbing sight.

I guess you could could compare it to shadow boxing. (Yeah I trained for boxing as an exercise ten years ago. For a huge two weeks...).

Imagine this, the ladies that are going up for the next competition want to be sure they know the course well enough to lead the dogs with their outstretched hands and a few calls. So they need to know the course well enough without the dogs before they take the dogs. Therefore they not only walk the course practicing the footsteps and the sharp turns but they are in fact running through the course, arms out, calling their dogs' names! Not only that, there are probably 5 to 8 competitors (sans mutts) out there at a time.

When I came back, still sleepy from a bad night, stomach aching from some badly marinated beef, I was sadly befuddled watching these ladies and looking for their dogs! First thought that popped into my head was, 'well this must be the invisible dog competition'.


javaricho said...

Wait till you see how they train there Husbands and boyfriends

Anonymous said...


C'mon, make with the blogging. I check and I check and your blog/month rate is WAY down.

Now, I'd understand why you'd not want to write about US politics right now, cuz it looks like your team's not going to the playoffs this year. But I want to hear more about emissions trading, your lovely wife, Czech wierdness, etc.

Love to Dasa and the dogs,