Thursday, September 08, 2005

Operation Red Cup.

What a loon.

I like the Day by Day cartoon description: 'classic liberal theory "meets application"'



Anonymous said...

This is offensive. A guy goes to help, has some problems and u make fun of him? Did u know that he actually rescued some people?

What have u done to help? Anything? Donated $10? $100 ?That'll really help those poor bastards down there who are stuck on a roof. At least he's doing something useful with all his freaking money, unlike many Republicans. (And I agree the photographer is egregious grandstanding)

So, please wait a decent period before a) Making fun of people trying to help and b) blaming it on Clinton, OK?

Dantravels said...

With all his freaking money you would think he would be able to buy a decent boat. But I suppose he would have brought a sound crew and video.

No I believe he is hurting people. Yes, you read me correctly. Like his trip to Baghdad he is sending the wrong signal.

But like you (admitting that this guy is grandstanding with a reporter) I will admit a weakness. I am broke. I won't go into details but sending even the 100 dollars just now is hurting me.

And about blaming Clinton, I suppose you mean blaming weak infrastructure on the previous administration in payback for the attacks that Bush is receiving by the Democrats. The system of getting votes with here-and-now enticements and not planning ahead is very faulty, you have got to admit. (Examples other than infrastructure: A big investment in education, let's say 40 times either party has done over the last 30 years, is not going to happen because the returns are felt a generation later).

Tell me, honestly, don't you think the attack on Bush in this case is just wrong? I understand it must be looked at to prevent the same thing happening in the event of a terrorist attack or the big California earthquake, but wasting our time on this is ridiculous.

Bush has got many faults, (many, many, I easily admit it), but now is not the time to play petty games.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was referring to the unfortunate tendancy of conservatives to blame Clinton for everything (talk about beating a dead horse) whether he was actually involved or not.

However, in rebuttal, I'd like to say this is not about whether you agree with Bush's policies or not, but about his poor implementation and management of those policies. Case in point, that the budget for flood control was cut in order to help fund the war in Iraq.

This is not about now or then as you say, this is about this or that, right now.

Good war, bad war, doesn't matter, Cutting the flood control funding does not, in the long run, "make America safer", as is now abundantly apparent. Same argument for placing FEMA under the Homeland Security Administration umbrella, which most say has made it the runt of the litter in terms of getting the budget it needed to do the job.

Assessing the potential damage (in lives and $) to the US from various sources should have been part of the calculus for these funding decisions. Instead, it seems that ideology was more important.

Finally, your reference to the big one in CA is right on the money. Every state in the union is going to look at how they could be the next Katrina like disaster. That doesn't bode well for Bush goals.

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