Wednesday, September 21, 2005

General Honore.

I just saw this video feed about General Honore. I hate to think this new phrase will be used for ever and ever (like old commercial slogans such as "where's the beef?"; that one really annoyed me).

The important point here -one that will probably be missed - is that a reporter was getting annoying. He was using an important informative press conference to rehash political blaming (The purpose of the presser was about what residents should do to prepare for Rita in the event it causes damage similar to Katrina). Honore will get derided and yet he will become famous. But the point is that the media is so useless lately.

If you wish to see a small part of the video here, or the text here. I hope to find the whole press conference meeting.

Also noteworthy was Glen Reynolds comment in the same Political Teen post, much further down, about Aaron Brown:

HH: Okay, let's turn to Honore and the press today. Don't get stuck on stupid. You loved that. You've already linked to it over at Why does that resonate, do you think?

GR: Because that's what they've done. I mean, I had a thing on my MSNBC site about Aaron Brown, who over the weekend was attacking FEMA's recommendations that people stockpile food and water as some sort of after the fact CYA thing, completely oblivious to the fact that FEMA and the Red Cross and other people had been recommending that for years. He's stuck on stupid. All he can see is a political story and blame. And that's exactly what the General was talking about. (emphasis mine)


javaricho said...

The General was correct. However I agree with you Dan, the phrease is going to become might annoying as it will br drafted into the lexicon of day to day gobbledigook (I think I have misspelled that)

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