Friday, September 09, 2005


Please consider using Firefox Mozilla to view this site. Explorer sucks. (Even Netscape is better).


One thing, even if it is this only one thing, to know about Firefox that will make your life so much simpler, is the use of opening links in a new tab. Why so different? Well, when I come to work in the morning and read the news, I first of all go down the left column of my Blog and pick which news organizations, or Blogs, I want to read and right click to open in new tab. Why is that so special? Well you can go through 3 or 4, I think up to 9 tabs, that you want to open and it does not replace what you are doing just then.

Sorry if this is so incredibly Un-techy, but consider how easy it is for a nerdy un-techy like me.

By the way I actually found this three-column formula on a blog (ruthsarian, I think?) and tweaked it (means I f*cked around on it for days, no, weeks) to learn how to make it better (well, I think its better).

And now I look at it on Explorer out of curiousity and find it all screwed up. So... I go to figure out how to fix it.

How annoying.


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