Monday, September 12, 2005

Enteric Emitters

Just recieved an email news story about the agricultural concerns of "Enteric Emitters".

Along with Greenhouse gases emitted by the burning of coal, diesel, heating oil, wood, etc., for the creation of energy or heat for smelting iron, and the more natural concerns of cut plants that are left to decay in compost heaps (which emit gases like methane, I think), there is, apparently, a real concern about "enteric fermantation".

That is, I do believe but cannot yet be absolutely certain, that they are talking about animal farting!

Enteric fermantation gives rise to a whole new group of environmental enteric emitters.

I wonder if they will start measuring the average human's enteric emissions and we will all be forced to submit to measurements which in turn will lead to our bodies being viewed as enteric emission machines; ie., we will need to have our own emissions allowances.

My older brother, someone who has more than his share of enteric emissions, and the most lethal, would probably be in the market to buy emissions allowances just to cover himself before a night out eating at his favorite mexican restaurant.



javaricho said...


All Mexican and Indian restaurants can sell these as a type of after dinner supplement with the cheque. Maybe you can use the itemised bill to owrk out a point and therefore discounting system.

Dantravels said...

I would think that if the Mexican restaurants could harness this raw power (the rawest of the raw) then they would be in great stead to make a killing in the methane markets.

"Excuse me sir, I noticed you had 4 servings or our bean burrito with 8 beers. I suspect that your internal combustion machine is just this minute producing large amounts of cash rich emissions. I was wondering if you would like to retire to our collection lounge, for a complimentary apertif. Yes? Very good sir, mind the overhead fan. Am I crying? No, no sir, its just the pungent air of the methane from you enteric fermantation. I must say, my good sir, we are very much interested in a partnership with a man of your girth".

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