Friday, September 09, 2005

Damned If You Do & After The Damnation.

Two stories (one and two)I read today that worried me from their titles alone. But they were very telling overall.

The first, a Washington Post article, left me with a feeling that of all the reasons for everyone's delay in acting to help (I mean local, state, federal gov't and separately the President), the most important issue was something along the lines of : we better protect our asses for what happens afterwards. For example, the President was afraid of moving becasue his advisors thought that after he would be accused of having acted illegally. Doing something illegal is not the issue - especially if you felt it was the best course of action in a very tough situation - but fearing what the Democrats would do later, that is a crime.

I am sure that he was not the quickest off the mark, especially with huge doubts about what was going on at what time (could the city government handle it?, could the state government handle it?, etc, ) would have been a big problem. But still, this fight after the fact, is ridiculous.

The second article is about Powell's interview with Barbara Walters. I wondered if he would trash the President. He didn't at all. Definitely he had some problems (which he seemed to be very politically astute about; ie, he was not bitter about anyone in particular) but still, he supports one main plank in my platform of reasons: pulling US troops out now is a mistake. (I would go further to say that its a starkly naive request of liberals, but that's just me. )

I wonder what Powell's plans are for the future? I wonder if the next administration will have a role for him.


Anonymous said...

My question to everyone in the USA, are we ready for a black President? I find Colin Powell to be probably the most honest person in politics. He isn't afraid to admit to a wrong, I've never heard him "bad mouth" any one, and he is not only a great speaker, but a well-educated man. So, what do you think America?

Dantravels said...

I would absolutely love to see either him or Condi in the Whitehouse. Perhaps they have much better chances as a vice president first?

On the other hand, considering the momentum of Hillary, the Republicans will have a great difficulty fielding any opponent up to the battle. The lack of actual political background that both Condi and Powell have will make it difficult. No legislative air time, no campaign experience; only as cabinet level appointees.

The lack of ability in the snobbier Republican voter to accept a black is perhaps the bigger problem, sadly.

Anonymous said...

A little thread drift here, but... "the momentum of Hillary..."? As a committed "progressive" I hope you are wrong. I could think of nothing else that would mobilize the conservative base like a Hillary run at the white house. And, with Bush's performance to date, ANYONE else is a shoe in.

Also, it's way early, but I think McCain's got realistic shot, don't you?


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