Saturday, September 03, 2005

Aaron Brown: You Lousy Stooge

An ex Army Corp of Engineers chief was being interviewed on Aaron Brown's Newsnight*, explaining how the OMB (office of managment and budget) has a process that weakens the efforts to rebuild things like Levees. (I was impressed how this ex-chief portrayed the investment into infrastructure as something you do for your children, meaning it is a long process that takes years and money spend now will benefit many years later).

He made a comment at the beginning to the effect that even if the levee didn't break, the city would still be underwater.

So this guy was discussing how, I believe, the problem is more to do with this 'it doesn't get me votes now' response of all politicians.

The analysis of needs for longer term projects, larger sums of money (I think he said it was in 1965 that money was put aside for levee strengthening), the pork barrel politics of where money goes, the other aspects of job creation, etc. And the OMB testimonies in front of congress, they are only allowed to testify on what the OMB wants, not what the individual really thinks. More along this line that really seemed to make Brown a bit annoyed. After all, the leader for the article was something along the line of '... next is an ex-Army Corp of Engineers chief who is critical of the ...(investmetn) into infrastructure efforst that could have lessened (not prevented) the flooding of New Orleans.

Brown interrupts him and says "well, sir, that really reflects on your loyalty to the administration you serve, doesn't it." (rhetorically).

The ex-chief opens his mouth on the right side of the split screen to object - as Brown announces they are going to a break - and this guy realises he was basically used to be critical of the president and basically diluted his complaint about the process.

He would have probably said it would have happened to any president. That is, at least, what I believe.

Tell me this, Aaron Brown, you lousy stooge: would the situation be much different if Clinton was in power? No, the whole point is, according to the guy you intereviewed was that it was a problem of government bureacracy.

CNN, reign in this idiot. Send him back to Seattle where he can go on having affairs with his assistants. (I am from Seattle where Aaron Brown was a local newscaster).

I am SICK of this dramatization of the event. As the mayor of New Orleans (Ray Nagin>?) said, 'no more news conferences, a moratorium on news conferences. Get down here and help.

Forget the politics for now. Stop showing Bush in idiotic flim clips. CNN, do something a bit more useful.

*(Brown probably thinks of himself, News Knight, lopping off heads of Republicans).

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