Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mushroom Hunter

What is it with Czechs and their mushroom picking? It is revered like the Sauna in Scandinavia, the Packers game in Green bay, the wine in Australia, the ultra hot bath in Japan: something only the locals can understand.

But at least I found the biggest Bedla, one type of mushroom.

"Bedla Jedla!", my wife cried. (Bedla Jedla means roughly "Bedla edible" as opposed to the unedible "muchomurka cervena" which is probably translated as red diarrhea).



javaricho said...

Hey Dan fancy BBQing the mushrooms when i am not there. I cannt believe it

PetiteDov said...

i love mashrooming. It's a russian thing too. I was about to post on this very topic. Nice mashrooms. :)