Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Internet Messenger Trick

So you are chatting on the old IM with a dealer in London, and they he tells you he is on a call. Here is how to rattle him a bit.

Me 4:02:06 PM: Hi mate, do you have that info?
friend 4:13:30 PM: sure - hang on, on call
Me 4:14:53 PM: why did the frog cross the road? To see his FLAT mate.
friend 4:20:58 PM: :-& dude, that's a bad gag
Me 4:21:44 PM: So it worked? I am sorry.
friend 4:23:37 PM: apology accepted
Me 4:23:46 PM: hee hee

So here I am laughing at my own humor.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Was this annecdote supposed to have a point? I don't get it.

(and yes, I know what a "flat" is in Brit speak)