Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sweeeet Dumplings!

Found this photo that I tucked away on flickr. Me dancing with the mother-in-law at my wedding. Tone and Rich in attendance on either side of my head.


She is a bit odd sometimes but tries to please. A small nasty streak. Probably from all the blonde hair dye. (her daughter, my wife, is naturally blonde and her mother liked the color so much she started coloring her hair a long time ago).

The other night she made a Czech favorite dish called "Sweet Dumplings". It is served as a main meal sometimes although seems more like a desert.

No matter, I could also eat it for breakfast.

Basically bready dough that has some fruit inside (peaches, plums, even strawberries) that are boiled (yes, boiled), and then dumped on a plate and covered (smothered) in Tvaroh (like ricatta cheese crossed with cream cheese) and melted butter, and powdered sugar.

As Napolean Dynamite would say: Sweet!



Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I vaguely remember that wedding and the only Czech I learned on my trip: Cherny Pivo!
Did I mention that I haven't been that damaged the next day for over 7 yrs.


PetiteDov said...

I love how some things are so similiar to the Russian food. I too love Tvorogh and sweet dumplings. Maybe i'll take that as my new expression. Like: "Sweet Dumplings I just won the lottery!" or something to that effect. P.S. Beautiful photo.

javaricho said...

Dan, way to go. Publically labelling your mother as having a small nasy streak. Balls as big as her dumplings!