Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dream Competition

I don't remember dreams too well. Its always been a problem and I am envious of people who can describe the progression of a dream. Again, I envy my wife.

The problem for me is that I have short flashes that come to me later. But what happened before is always a mystery.

My wife on the other hand will tell me about her dreams in wonderful detail. Like the dream right before her first trip to the USA to meet my parents.

Moje Manzelka (my wife) was going to get her hair cut (this is the dream, now) and she was told to sit in a cabin (like a small room). The machine lowered on to her and her hair was cut quickly and she emerges with Pink hair all straigh up, "like Marge Simpson has". An argument ensued.

Her mother, who accompanied her in the dream, told Moje Manzeka that she cannot understand what they are saying since it was suddenly an English speaking hairdresser (Moje Manzelka's mom doesn't speak any English). So Moje Manzelka asked for subtitles and the dream suddenly had subtitles that mother-in-law could read! End of Dream.

Me? I usually wake up and recall being in a cool car. That's it.

But the other day I woke up and ten minutes later told Moje Manzelka how I was driving in a car with one of our dogs, Ginger, and Ginger jumped out so I had to follow and was running in traffic. It was sol realistic, I told her (somewhat trying to impress her).

And Moje Manzelka says that she, too, had an interesting dream, and it was shockingly bad.

She dreamed she was Hitler's lover.

Gazzumped again!

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