Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Russell Crowe Takes A Dive

So Russell Crowe throws a phone at a hotel concierge and gets arrested.

I knew a young lady that was his PA in Sydney and she mentioned he was a real pain in the ass for a boss. That was, wait, 1995? And then I have read numerous stories about his temper and his bad attituded. And then he causes the Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid break-up while working on the film "Proof of Life".

The worse offense in my opinion?

Thinking he could do justice to Captain Jack Aubrey in "Master and Commander", a character in the 'Aubrey Novels' written by Patrick O'Brien.

Down you go, Russell.


javaricho said...

Well I have to say Dan I didn't think Master and Commander was that bad. Mind you I was hoping that they could have tidied up the screenplay a little bit better......

Dantravels said...

Of course there is the typical problem of translating a book to a movie which was bad enough. But to replace the main character's most ignominious-but-loveable traits (his ballooning girth) and his strength- both of character and body - with Russell Crowe, is a crime.

Remember that Lucky Jack Aubrey was portly, but tall. But genteel with his friends to a fault. And it was too bad that he wasn't shown on land in all his humility (where he is "Lost at sea"). I would bet that Crowe decided this part wasn't so necessary.

In the fight scenes Crowe probably wanted to play Gladiator, again, rather than take a few unnoticed musket balls or run-threw thrusts, which leave his boots squishy with blood. These are the admirable traits of Aubrey.

Crowe was playing Lord Nelson.