Friday, May 13, 2005

Milblogger Movement Growing

Low-brow news sites (that I read) have noted the growth of Milbloggers (Military Weblogs) so I am sure this will get some busy airplay for the next week.

This is probably obvious but the guy at the forefront of the operation ( be it on the assembly line, the street, or even the front) knows more than what those that study them, claim.
  • 'Also driving the growth: The feeling among some troops that the "mainstream media" aren't telling the whole story about what's happening in Iraq.'
I am sure others will try to argue that the men out there are, for example, not well-educated or perhaps only attempting to validate their decision to be there.

Dunno. But it does make sense that when the troops see things getting better, most likely it won't be a news event. Go to this post for a good characterization.

One blogger even mentions the problem with the mono-syllabic army character in Doonsebury who posts from Iraq. You've got to admit, Trudeau does get a bit annoying.

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