Wednesday, May 04, 2005


In the last few months I have been some what stressed out and even, at times, a bit depressed. House rennovations, poor health in the family, wife travelling a heck of a lot, a very long winter, job insecurity, debt, and idiotically worrying about/missing our dogs.

Ups and downs.

Currently ... the severity of the ups and downs has increased.

The flat: the house rennovation is coming to an end and we should be moving back on the weekend or rather, I should say I, alone, am doing the moving-in. The work cost about 40% more (due to our add-ons!) which doesn't help the debt situation. The privatization of the flat is undergoing troubles in the local council ( Prague 7 'urad') and now is delayed approximately a year!

And the wife is away again ( but doing saintly work). With plans to go again in a few weeks to hob-knob with the Brussels politicians this time. She was shanghaied into this like usually and always feels like the little lost girl suddenly thrust onto the stage. (Whereupon she excels!)

Health wise, somethings dramatically better, some things a bit worse. Going for a gastrocopy. this is where they shove a camera down your throat to take a look at yoru stomach lining. (Yesterday the doc said: 'oh, and they take a tissue sample'. I said (shouted): 'What!! You didn't need to tell me that, did you?! I would have been perfectly content not to know!'). And I am running and visiting gym regularly; causing me to oomph and groan just getting out of my work chari. Oh but what a hard comeback. Yeesh!

Work: Actually did something with the Argie debt that earned me some cash and now follwing up another somewhat impossible 'finding' mission. But now getting 4 to 6 calls and 10 emails a day to settlement of the former and pursue of the second! Some very pushy calls, mind you.
And the official work, while seemingly trudging on forever in the czech equities (very depressing), pushing a project for a retail derivative product (CFDs),... my favorite project (on which I have been working for 5 months : Emissions Trading) is actually so close to bearing fruit .

Perhaps because of this last one, the Emission Trading, I am quite seriously almost in a state of bliss. So long have I needed some sort of new market to trade. Crazy busy at home for 3 to 5 reasons, stressed at work for 4 reasons, and yet the work makes it all much better some how.

It could also be because we are going into a beautiful spring.


Anonymous said...

Dan, you forgot the really big upside. You dopn't have to live with mother in law after this weekend. That has to get you up as well...

Dantravels said...

You know, I did in fact forget that. Hooray!