Tuesday, April 26, 2005

On Zarqawi's Computer : Photos of His Pet Cat

So they just missed Zarqawi again but found his truck, his petty cash purse (104,000 usd) and his computer.

I just cannot help but wonder what's on his laptop.

I mean, really, think about what's on your computer that you might not want people to see and then focus on Zarqawi's? (Aside from those bomb-in-shoe designs, latest human target assessments and this month's road-side bomb, martyr enlistment totals.)

Let's see (submissions welcome):
1.Favorite Humous recipes for on the road (in caves, etc). Nothing like homous recipe sharing to break the ice at those terrorist new-comers gatherings.
2. Love letters from two or three girlfriends (one's a nasty girl!).
3. A few old computer games. Most accessed is Medal of Honor, the WWII game involving chasing soldiers with sniper rifles and other things through realistic battlegrounds.
4. Favorites on his Netscape browser (he would use Netscape, wouldn't he?) are the links to Victoria's Secret, and many big boob sites. Oh, and Jewliscious.com, something to do with being "Frum".
5. and in his My Pictures, a few of himself in various computer generated guises so he doesn't use them, a few snaps of real estate he would hope to buy near the Red Sea, and of course his pet Cat whom he named Powell. He misses the cat. At least 25 photos of the damn cat!

Any more ideas of what is on Zarqawi's laptop?

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