Saturday, April 02, 2005

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Bondi beach in all its glory. Yesterday was finally near 30 degrees after rainy and cool or humid for the whole week. Couldn't wait to get to the beach after some pre wedding shopping with the Groom.


A little seawead mixed up in the water for some reason but definitely worth the swim.

I used to come to Bondi (pronounced Bond-"eye") 2 or 3 times a week after work at 4 or 5 in the afternoons (since I worked from 6 at the bank in Sydney back then).

A quick swim across the moon-shaped crest, and a run back to my bag. Then, a nice nap.

I found it incredibly interesting that they have normal looking pools with lines and everthing and one end, but they are fed by the ocean. Many of the beaches have 'baths' at one end.


Bondi is one of the southern beaches along with Tamarama (nicknamed Glam-o-rama), Coogee, Maroubra, just to name a few. Up in the north, going from the similarly popular Manly on the north, you have Dee Why, Whale Beach, Palm Beach etc. The Main difference from North and south beaches is that the South ones are right near the main more populated and older suburbs, and much closer to the center. The north, more accessible since the big harbor bridge was built in the 1930s, is a very different place with larger, expansive suburban suburbs. But really gorgeous ones. The beaches, and there are many, stretch north from the harbor for miles.

The harbor is like a mouth facing east and the chin would be the southern coast and on the way up the nose and forehead would be the northern beaches. But the mouth has a very long throat, if you will, and many little inlets and coves, and the deep esophagus being the the rivers that lead to it. Basically all the way back to homebush where most of the olympic venues were. (I am not 100% positive on all the details but this is the blogger's perogative).

Alot of the Harbor is still swimmable. Yes, I am not kidding. I have swum from our rented harborside house in little Sirius cove, with the house dog Tess. I have heard it said that when you swim with a dog, any sharks in the area would normally go for the dog intead. The same I have heard about swimming with Japanese people, since they don't smell as bad as Americans or Australians. Certainly no scientific research went into this comment as well.

Hopefully I will add some map of the beaches here, later.

Well, getting hot out there. Got to get out of this Oxford street internet cafe, where I order one banana smoothie in exchange for cheap wi-fi access, and then to Paddington Markets and finally, The BEACH!


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