Thursday, March 17, 2005

Tram 22; No Longer The Best Tram

It may sound a bit silly to have your favorite tram but I have really heard people speak of the 22 tram that way. Why? Because of its path connecting the Northwest of city to the Southeast, and going through major neighborhoods like Hradcany near the castle, Malostrana below the castle, Ujezd near Bohemia Bagel, past the National Theatre on Narodni, and then Tesco on up through part of Vinohrady and even to Vrsovice.

Its my favorite tram.

And then yesterday I was driving to work and passed this tram accident. The 22 jumped the tracks and wiped out a bunch of people, killing two outright. By the number of police and hasici (emergency serivices) on hand I at first thought it was some sort of terrorist action.


Photos found on blesk.


You always wonder what could happen if you stepped in front of a tram, or if you accidently got nudged off the platform (the small curb that you stand on is actually being called a platform like at the train station).


Some one didn't come home from work that day.

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