Thursday, March 31, 2005

Paddington and Woolahra

Walked around in Paddington and Woolahra yesterday. Neighborhoods just east of the CBD (central business district) of Sydney. Nice, yuppieish community, but then going up in value when you get to Woolahra.

Took a few snaps of the terrace houses in the very leafy neighborhood. A bit gray and humid with some torrential downpours. The photos were a little flat with the bad light. Hoping for that 30 degree and sunny weather so I can go to the beach and stop making photos.


Leafy "Paddington" area.Paddington

Of course I had to show a few of my favorite pubs. The Four In Hand and the Lord Dudley.

Four in Hand


More walking today and many errands.


Anonymous said...

I still have ny Four in Hand shirts I got when i visited you. Wear them every day now for biking.

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