Tuesday, March 15, 2005

How to Get In the News

A long time ago I was discussing with a friend of mine how he might get some notoriety, get some publicity; get in the newspaper. I suggested buying a big axe, taking two hits of acid, and just go strolling downtown.

Seems like my theory was proven correct. Here and here.

What I found interesting in this article is how seemingly calm the attacker was in his pursuit. He was somewhat satisfied afterwards, I think.

Another thing is that the first article hints that the attacker knew the victim. What was he? An old boss? A childhood teacher? Somehow there is a hint of poorly executed justice here. I mean how many times have we fantasized about meeting an old boss and what we might do. Personally I have decided to punch one guy if I ever cross paths with him. I would hope to break his nose. I figure the penalty I could get would be only a minor hassle.

But I still would be lumped in with the "axeman" above.

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