Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Cold Night At Matejska Fair

Was out in the sun yesterday with my brother in law and his girl walking dogs in the forest near Melnik, and going to a geasy-but-good pub lunch. Later we went to the Matejska Pout or Mathew's Fair; basically an amusement park in the Vystiviste fairground in Prague 7. It was chily, let me tell you, and after being lulled into a few days of spring!

A few hits off a joint (one of the redeeming qualities of my brother in law) and then right on to a few scary rides to stress my ulcer and regret the really strong weed.

After stumbling around the grounds and going back for a few more rides, we end up walking around the back of the rides where the white-trashy looking mobile homes are (for the owner? operators? of the rides) and I noticed 5 late model Mercedes, 4 late model BMWs and one Audi. And not many normal-priced cars around. What the heck is going on here? Where is this cash coming from? The people who run these things don't really look too well off.

Or are we talking about some illegal activities that go along with the operation of amusement parks?

Or... is it time for me to run away with the circus?

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Bored so here is more of the dogs and me.

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