Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Bit of Golf

Just at the golf course the other day. Called 'The Coast' for obvious reasons, this is one of the cheaper and more accessible places for memberless-occasional golfers like me to play.

richtonegolfClick on this link for the full beauty of the coastline

Something one should never do on the golf course? Tee off while the previous party is still on the putting green on a par three. Sure my friend said "go ahead Danno" due to my inability to get any distance or go in the right direction in one hit. Of course, this time I am spot on and hit one of their balls right before the put. I promptly spread the blame to my 3 friends. Guilty!

boyslineCraig, Tone, Richo: Guilty as charged!

No, Dasa, I did not see any kangaroos when I played.

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