Saturday, March 12, 2005

B-Movie life

Its so weird being so laid up with the flu and feeling yucky and using words like yucky. The world is so surreal especially walking down the street and seeing such strange looking people meeting my gaze.

I swear they are like something out a movie. A b-movie of my life.

And just now we are at the part where the movie shows the main character's rock bottom. Except that it is really not rock-bottom because I have a pretty decent life.

Sure, I am on and off, down now an and then; maybe more of a limbo-like existence. Job is unsure, wife has had some rheumetism probs, house being rennovated and stuck at the in-laws for a month. And... I know I keep mentioning this... but the dogs are locked up at a farm and I keep worrying.

And then I read about other people. For example, blogger who's stuff I occasionally look at, he's down with Crone's disease and had an operation at a Czech hospital. And the guy is dealing with it! He's blogging and not doing any of the woe-is-me, stuff. Man, I would be.

What am I complaining about. Just got to be tougher.

Add to that, I don't blog anything interesting, just a big whinge.

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