Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Trust me when I say that this has deeper and more serious implications

The killing of Rafiq al-Hariri in Beirut has much deeper and insidious implications than you might think. Especially when you consider that the world, or at the least the USA world, is all caught up in Iraq and scandals noted on blogs (Eason, Gannon).

Hariri's death gets low billing on CNN and BBC but considering the suddenness of this conflict in a country a small hop away from the epicenter of Islamic hatred for the USA an burgeoning democracy for Iraq, this story may grow into a bit of a mess for the Arab world, an annoying variable for the Israeli / Palestinian peace gains, and a more sinister opportunity for the US policy changers, I mean makers.

Aljazeera may be lying skunks but their portrayal is a good place to see signs of this brewing conflagration . When it comes to identifying the usual suspects they label sections below as follows: Blaming Israel, Blaming Syria, Blaming Saudi Arabia.

The thing is, why this guy? Why now?

Of course, it may have been something to do with a feud or business spat. But come on. The heavy ordinance used in a crowded downtown area, killing 13 and wounding 100. And.... ripping through his armored vehicle??

Come on, this was serious.

And back to the opportunity for the USA. IF they could possibly connect it to Syria, well lets may hay while the sun shines. Forget Iran, go for another target.

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