Monday, February 21, 2005

There is so much going on today that needs reflecting.

First piece of news I saw was a depressing one. Hunter S Thompson is Dead. I fondly recall Hunter S Thompson from reading - and re-reading - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I never was a major literary buff (but was in the company of those that were, are), or any sort of typical liberal uni student (in fact, I discovered the dark side in college in response to arrogant leftist extremism in the Poli Sci faculty), but I was into a bit of the wierdness and drug filled fun times of college. In that light, Fear and Loathing was a major watershed for me.

Somehow got on to lately and I got to say that their demeaner and humor is great. But their ability to poke fun (and figureativley, the eyes out of ) various world nasties is great. All with that Borschfelt attitude.

You have just got to read their posting on Bacon Whores. The sheer silliness of a Jewish website's ironic combination of the dreaded pork and whoredom.

One article on Jewilicious resembles my criticism of BBC, about how they really don't think before they write. ("Soldier in Trouble for NOT Shooting Children" and such tabloidish headings. )

And Daniel Drezder points out some interesting revelations in a Time magazine article about insurgents meeting in secret with US led forces. The bare beginnings of these negotiations and the mention of a Sinn Fein - like approach to some sort of peace is of couse very, VERY early. But all the same it is somewhat good to see. Still, the Al Quaida nuts don't agree with these guys going to the table.

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