Tuesday, February 01, 2005

State your Union, and then Drink!

I never realized how important the State of the Union address really is when it comes to harbingers of policy. I mean, afterall, it never was more important than turning off Seinfeld, for example.

Still, as for hints of what is to come, this speech is a good heads-up. For example, can you believe that just by leaving out the words "tyrant" and "evil" Bush could help the North Koreans save face and therefore get them back to the table? FT says this.

But making the State of the Union even more interesting is THIS game. Its very reminiscent of the 'Passout' and 'Bob' games of my 70's and 80's frat days. Passout was actually like Monopoly (r) in that you had a playing board and moved around the square, landing on tongue twisters and penalty spots, all charging you drinks (a big swig of beer, or half a shot of whiskey) if you get it wrong. Yes, the tongue twisters were harder as time went on. 'Bob' was played watching The Bob Newhart Show, downing a few everytime the name Bob was menitoned. (not funny to you? Well you try to get throught a game that mentions the main character by name about 40-60 times).

But the rules here are much more difficult!

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