Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Silly Czech Surnames: More Than Other Countries?

I have for a long time been curious about the real origin of the very silly Czech surnames. Somehow I found my way to this great site about many things Czech and to their forum where I was able to begin a thread asking for information(see Czech family names). To get you interested look at these real names and consider that there are hundreds more like them.
PRECECHTEL > And-he-wanted-it-after-all;
STOJESPAL > He-slept-standing;
ZLAMALJELITO > He-broke-the-black-pudding;
SNEDLDITETIKASI > He-ate-the-squash-to-the-child;
or even NASRALVHRNEC > (I won't write this one either, but its what they did in the olden days before toilets);
POBUDOVA > Miss Unreliable and wierd (My very reliable maid's name);
SKACEL > Mr.-sounds-like-a-tree-falling-in-the-woods
This page makes a good stab at the origin of Czech surnames - and could be applied to numerous countries - but I still stick to my point: There are more ridiculously silly monikers here.

I go so far as to suggest taking out the white pages (perhaps when you are sitting around with friends drinking a few pivos but are bored) and reading the names aloud with a good Czech speaker. Go on, give it a try.

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