Friday, February 04, 2005

Re-group or Re-focus?

So what is the final consensus? Does the left intentionally ignore the elections in Iraq? Its wierd, isn't it? They cannot really attack the fact that people voted. Or do we see them waiting while they regroup? I can't get a handle on it. They must be angry.

Or do they just focus on other, easier targets.

So wierd.

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rod said...

Speaking on behalf of The Left...

I don't think it's fair to say that lefty commentators ignored the Iraqi elections. First of all, there was an outpouring of support for the Iraqi voters themselves (see, e.g., Al Franken on Air America), some of which was probably even sincere.

Second, a number of liberal voices jumped in right away to compare the press descriptions of Iraq's election to the one published in the NY Times re: the 1967 election in Vietnam (the story could have been run verbatim, changing only the name of the country, and no one would have noticed the difference). Personally, I thought this particular comparison was a bit overwrought, but it was kinda fun in a snarky way.

Third, several of my ideological soul mates have delicately mentioned that the original voting turnout numbers were almost certainly inflated by a wide margin.

Finally, there are a number of people today picking up on the story that the big winners in the Iraqi elections seem to have been the Islamists and the Kurds. Ayad Alawi's party apparently suffered a spectacular defeat, thus leaving the Naked Emperor's Neocon Cabal and Knitting Circle without a functioning puppet, while al Hakim's SCIRI party (closely associated with the Iranian mullahs) appears to be in the catbird seat. Of course, they can only assume broad control if they can forge an alliance with the Kurds - a prospect which will certainly make American ally/longstanding democracy Turkey completely apoplectic.

Oddly enough, none of the usual right wing voices are mentioning that particular story this morning....