Friday, January 14, 2005

Taxi Cab Crisis

I wonder how many Prague bloggers are going to comment on the Mayor getting ripped off by a cabbie. I would say over half of them.

Prague mayor, Pavel Bem, at the request of one local newspaper, took a cab ride posing as tourist. Bem said he was not surprised at being overcharged, since he has been waging a war against cabbies lately for this all too common offense. But he was surprised as just how much he was overcharged. 500%!

Prague is a great town for all you outsiders reading. But the main annoyances would be pickpockets on the trams and metros, and the taxis that overcharge around the central, touristy areas. (the other annoyances, such as the surly women behind the counters, the smelly-armpit colleagues, are diminishing.)

I just wonder how he disguised himself? German tourist? Italian? American? or Japanese, perhap?

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