Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Rolling Stone decides to accept Bible ad

Two things struck me as odd in this article about Rolling stone hesitantly accepting and advert for an edition of a "new Bible translation aimed at young people".

First, the way in which the Rolling Stone responded in mega-corporate legal like wording saying that the company, (not "the magazine") had: "addressed the internal miscommunications that led to the previous misstatement of company policy and apologize for any confusion it may have caused." Something that just goes to show that even the most cutting edge, liberal organizations seem to turn into conservative big business, right-wing sounding, corporations. Why? Because they are making money, hiring many people, selling a magazine around the world - and they want to protect their ass! Remember, you only become a conservative when you have something to conserve.

Secondly, they lisited a few other organizations that agreed to display the bible advertising (uh, for money, of course.) Tell me if you see anything a little out of place in this list: "Other media outlets that agreed to carry the ad include Modern Bride, The Onion, and AOL, Lockhart said. AOL, like, is a unit of Time Warner."

The Onion???!! What next, Mad magazine, and National Lampoon?

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