Tuesday, January 11, 2005

How Radicals Organize Like Institutions They Hate

I don't know how I got to this site but a few things struck me as odd about the guidelines to form a working "plenary" on organizing the "Anti-G8" meeting ("An International Networking and Co-ordination Meeting for those wanting to build radical resistance to the 2005 G8 Summit").

I was expecting notes on how to fill molotov cocktails, where to get Italian and Spanish holiday-thugs, and how to inflict the most pain in one bite. All this should be in the notes from the Prague demonstrations back in 2000 or 2001 when the Worldbank, or was it the EBRD, had their gathering here. To be quite frank, I believe those wielding Molotov cocktails should be targeted and if the Molotov bottles are thrown, guns could be used in self-defense. Imagine the Czech cops who had to have surgery for burns.

This meeting will take place in Tuebingen, Southern Germany, from 26th -27th of February. These notes are very amusing if you look at the organizational nature of the notes. Too complicated for your average holiday radical, I would think. I am sure there are some disclaimers to this portrayal of their own activities, but you got to think that this is kind of weird.

Also on this site, in the sidebar is "Capitalist crap that you secretly love?" Makes me react (oops, reactionary???) with the old saying, "you become a conservative once you have something to conserve".

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Anonymous said...

Had to take exception to this one. So what, they should only use a traditional tribal council where chiefs of local, indigenous tibes sit in a sweat lodge until concensus is reached? Well, that wouldn't be very effective against the G8, would it?

Your argument, intentionally or not, confuses adopting your opponent's tools with adopting their methodology or goals. A tool (the organizational structure) can be used for different ends. And it would be just plain stupid for the rads to not use this.