Friday, January 07, 2005

Fat in the Saddle, Again

Back in the saddle. I have been busy and tired. And travelling. Sure New Years was fun. It was good to have a friend out from London for a week; taking him to the Czech mountains for cross-country skiing, down hill skiing, a decent new years eve party (actually kind of fun) and then a water park and some shooting pistols at a Karlin gun range.*[disclaimer here] Oh and the nice young lady he met.

And then another great friend came later and unfortunately was alone to wander while I was working and even on a day trip to Budapest. Nice dinners, sometimes cooking for groups at home, then walking dogs, staying out to even 11; it really takes its toll. Good to have friends come to visit. But it makes me tired. (slept one tram stop past my work this morning; had to jump off in mid dream not knowing for sure where I was and with numb legs).

But after all sad and done, I am tired! And FAT. Handlebars on a thin frame do not look good. Time to take a break and realax, enjoy life at home with the wife. And fulfill that 'will start exercising next week' promise.

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